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Search Engine Optimisation is a term used by many and understood by few. As a leading SEO agency in Hamilton, we ensure all of our clients are entirely up to speed on what SEO means and also what it could mean for their business and organizations. A well-crafted and maintained SEO Hamilton campaign, combined with a professional web design service, could transform your business’s online presence. Our team can localize campaigns to your targeted area to ensure your website reaches the intended audience while remaining relevant to them.


On Page SEO is the process of helping a website become more “friendly” to the major search engines. Search engines send what are known as “spiders” to every website on the internet. These spiders are looking at the content on a website and trying to decide what that website is about. Once it has been able to categorise the website it can then decide on where to rank it in the search results relative to all of the other websites about the same topic. In many cases, websites are designed in such a way that confuses the search engines so they can’t list the website in the rankings with any degree of confidence. By using good on-page optimisation, Xourx ,SEO Hamilton, can help the search engine spiders to know exactly what your website is about and where it should be positioned in their results pages. At Xourx – SEO Hamilton, Before we optimise your website, we perform a full audit of what would be the most beneficial search terms (or keywords) for your business to rank for. Then we would make small adjustments to your website that would tell the search engines that this is exactly what your site is about.

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Seo Hamilton Ontario


Off Page SEO is how other websites around the world connect to your website. When another website connects to yours it is seen as a vote of confidence. If that link is from a closely related website then this is an even more important vote of confidence and can have a very positive impact on search engine rankings. Off page SEO is therefore the process of carefully encouraging links from other websites. At SEO Xourx, we only create links that are totally safe and relevant to your website. Why Is It So Important To Be On The First Page Of The Search Results? When people search for information using a search engine, they expect to find what they are looking for very quickly. In most cases, the website that appears at number 1 in the search engines results pages will receive 35%-45% of all clicks. The 2nd results will receive about 20% of clicks and the remaining clicks will go to the rest of the page and the sponsored results. Very few users will click onto the second page of the results. If they don’t find what they’re looking for in the first few results, they will often enter another search query to try and get better results. Therefore, if your website is not appearing on page 1 of the Search Engine then your website is not going to be seen by your potential customers.

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Ranking highly on the search engines is a fantastic way to generate new business, but it certainly isn’t the only way that a business can grow through the power of the internet. The internet is no longer just a place where people go for information. It is now a place where people go to socialise and “hangout”. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are so incredibly popular that they attract literally billions of users every single day. Forward thinking businesses have spotted this as an incredible opportunity to promote themselves and attract new customers. With our expertise in SEO, you could grow your social media presence and tap into this incredible market place. No matter what business sector you’re involved in, potential clients can be found in very large numbers online. We can help you to dominate the competition and drive the vast majority of new business leads to your website.” Get SEO in Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Seo Hamilton Ontario